Evolved Designs

Our Team

We are family-owned and always will be

Our company was built on the values of hard work, honesty and integrity. We believe that if you treat people well, they will do the same to you. It’s as simple as that! And we treat our customers like family because we know how important it is to have someone who understands your needs and can help make things happen for you.

John Wenninger
- Developer

TSTC Graduate - over twenty years in the industry.

I have extensive experience designing enterprise-level user interfaces, creating custom API integrations, and testing of essential systems while utilizing leading edge technologies and innovative strategies. My philosophy is today’s “impossible” is tomorrow’s “possible”.

Maven Wenninger
- Designer

Bachelor's Degree - Passionate about design

I am very successful at implementing solutions to increase process efficiencies, streamlining workflows, improving communications, all while maximizing performance. I am recognized as an articulate communicator and respected professional in the field of project management and design. I have always believed “Innovation and hard work are the distinguishing factors between leaders and followers.