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This article introduces Growth-Driven Designs in web development, a method focusing on continuous improvement and user-friendly navigation.

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What Are Growth-Driven Designs And Why Do They Matter

It is the latest approach used for web design and development that focuses on continuous improvement. This latest fad promises exponential growth in sales and revenue generation using critical data and insights. u00a0

Growth driven designs reduce and remove pain points from the website to offer user-friendly navigation. By identifying the most crucial areas for growth, design agencies work through experimentation. The web design process is expensive and stressful, most companies get their website revamped after two to three years, and even after tremendous efforts, the end product could be quite disdainful and lackluster, but you would be stuck with it for the coming years.

Over time and with the evolution of technology, design agencies have simplified the process through Growth-Driven Designs

Stages of Growth-Driven Design

Continuous web development relies on improvement. But how can you improve something when you don’t know which elements to work on? Typically, GDD must begin right after the launch of the website; however, that rarely happens. You can only make changes when there are a significant number of visitors, clicks, and conversions.

The process also reduces the arbitrary discussion over elements that would and wouldn’t work for the web design. Since the improvement depends on the collected data, thus guaranteeing an improvement in website performance.

In Growth-Driven Designs, the design agency needs to retain monthly engagement for data collection and continuously update the website for maximum results. However, the approach can vary depending on business size, budget, and timeline, but the steps required for GDD remain the same.

  • Strategy –

    This most critical and first step lays the foundation of the design process, along with future efforts. It will also give direction and set the pace for prospective goals; however, the businesses and design agencies need to work together to develop a mutual understanding of consumers and their behavior.

    During strategy building, the graphic designer and web developer work through the following items:

    • Setting Objectives
    • Developing a User Persona
    • Creating Navigation Map
    • Research Consumer Behavior
    • Brainstorm the component of the website
    • Hypothesize a web design for testing
  • Initial Launch –

    During the process, the designer quickly creates the website, based on the strategy, and launches it to monitor user behavior and click hot spots. After that, the design agency starts collecting data and plans for improvements. Since these overhauls are user-centric, the designer focuses on the following aspects in the launchpad website:

    • Prioritize the features with the greatest business impact
    • Typical web development processes including wireframe, content migrations, and element designs
    • Quality Assurance Test
    • Launch
  • Continuous Improvement –

    In this stage, designers will be making informed decisions based on the user learning data. Using heat map data or slide up surveys, the designer will add/remove elements or change the placement.

    It will help them in making quicker decisions with a lesser risk for failure. The right adjustments will lead to ideal user experience, thus guaranteeing the proper allocation of time and budget. Items accomplish during the process include:

    • Data collection and analysis
    • Prioritizing elements
    • Reporting User Performance
    • Sharing the collected data with sales and marketing team as well
    • Digital Integration of Sales and Marketing Plans


Benefits of Growth-Driven Design

As per a recent study, 94% of the users mistrust a website due to its un-friendly and sloppy designs. But thanks to Growth-Driven Designs, that could amplify conversion rate in no time. Its ability to adapt the web design as per brand needs and customer preferences makes GDD a highly successful approach. Here are five perks of GDD

  • Minimum Risk – The GDD website is quick and easy to launch with a scalable project methodology and results. The design process is experimentation, which is later upgraded based on the collected data. It measures the tiniest of the details to provide businesses with a web solution that has maximum output. This propagates lesser chances of failure and converts leads into customers while you regularly track results for further improvements.
  • Supports Sales and Marketing Teams – The design team shares the collected data with sales and marketing staff, who can, in turn, use it to align their marketing goals. Similarly, the design team will digitally integrate these objectives on their website design for overall brand success.
  • Cost-Effective – In GDD, the design agency becomes a monthly retainer as you would need their services more after the launch. It will also take the burden off your shoulder and provide you the experts to carry out data collection and improvement processes. Typically a GDD website costs $15-20k, whereas the tweaking cost depends on the efforts required for peak performance and user experience optimization.

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