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Taking Your Business Online

Explore the essentials of e-commerce, including the various forms of online sales, and understand how to transition your business into the digital marketplace.

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E-Commerce, or Electronic Commerce if you prefer, involves any form of making a sale online. Obviously there are a huge number of transactions that occur on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist each day but actual eCommerce would include any store or eCommerce website that is selling physical or digital goods and accepting payment via the Internet.

What E-Commerce Marketing Agencies Can Do For You

E-Commerce can be a confusing business for those who don’t have industry experience. An eCommerce marketing agency can help you identify your goals, plan strategically, find a platform to sell on, design a store for you and help with all elements of e-commerce including payments, shipping & returns to SEO strategies. To do this effectively means delving deep into what makes e-commerce tick and knowing how each element fits together.

E-Commerce Consulting Services from Evolved Designs are important as every e-store owner wants their business to be profitable but not everyone wants the headache and stress of running an e-commerce company. In the eCommerce consulting stage, e-commerce marketing agencies will help you find a platform or website builder to make eCommerce a dream. e-commerce consulting is a way of relieving the stress and focus on your core business while we manage eCommerce consulting for you.

Why Partner With Evolved Designs

There are many eCommerce store owners who already have e-stores up and running but just aren’t making the money they feel that they should. As e-commerce specialists, Evolved Designs can take an existing eStore and overhaul it to give you better traffic through improved SEO, higher conversions via better design or more targeted keywords or by looking at customer experience or simply moving the ecommerce site to another platform. e-commerce marketing agencies must be in tune with industry trends so your e -commerce consulting partner not only knows what works now but has ideas about what will work tomorrow in the future, as your business grows.

We help with implementing online best practices, payments, checkout, coupons, conversion optimization, payments, shipping, returns, SEO content management, and many more.

For more information on how Evolved Designs can help your business, please email us at support@evolveddesigns.net or call (817) 918-0436 for a free consultation with an eCommerce marketing agency today!