Progressive Graphic Design

What is Progressive Graphic Design

Good designs lead to great businesses as aesthetics play a great deal in building a consumer base.

A study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting reports that around 80% of companies believe company success and creativity are interlinked. Businesses that do not consider the influence of design on consumers often fail to set their foot in the digital world.

Another study points out the brands having robust designs have a 2.19% higher success rate than those with weak designs. 48% of respondents to a survey said that website design is the leading factor in defining the reliability of the business.
This is why marketing gurus emphasize on having aesthetically appealing designs to ensure success and build trust.
But what is an excellent design? How can we say that this specific image will lead to business success? Well, a good brand identity design is focused and effective in communicating a brand’s message. It will attract the consumer for its innate value rather than the external factors such as supporting copy, placement, and brand name.

Keeping Up With Graphic Design Trends

Every year we experience new trends in graphic design. 3-D animation was the latest fad; however, it quickly wore off due to multiple reasons. Firstly, it had put too much strain on the viewer’s eye, took longer than average time to register, and required more space.
In addition to that, the impact of these designs vary as per the medium it was placed on. For instance, a 3-d image on online media was eye-catching, whereas, on the paper, it was flat and bland.

In 2020, we have experienced resonance in modern design with minimalistic patterns and neutral colors. Designing is more focused on the content instead of images. Today, designers use various font styles and colors to capture consumer attention. This design trend offers content domination over other elements, including pictures and patterns. They are most typically used in book and magazine covers.

Another trend that has came to the forefront after overuse of drop-shadows, flashy gradients, and extra features is flat images. Today, consumers prefer flat images due to clearer and neater appeal. It has picked up fast and continues to grow. The overwhelming download rate of flat designs on Shutterstock shows the trend being in style.

What To Consider When Designing For Today's Web

  • Create a Long-Lasting Impression – The right combination of colors, shapes, textures, patterns, and images create a harmonious identity to catch consumer attention. They are said to build strong brand images that could last for years.

  • Stand Out – Progressive graphic design is all about simplicity and clarity. It explicitly presents the message, making it stand out from the crowd. This helps consumers distinguish their favorite brands from their competitors.

  • Strengthening Customer Relationship – Modern graphic design is aesthetically appealing and memorable. Thus, it successfully establishes brand connectivity. It is also proven designs that are easy on the eyes have a significantly higher success rate in strengthening customer relationships.

  • Easy-to-Use – It is easier to transfer simplistic designs on different mediums. Since the elements are limited, thus there are lesser chances of distortion. A good design will also perform well — for instance, a well-designed website will more effectively convert visitors into customers.

  • Consistent Brand Reputation – Since every element of the design image concurs, it creates a consistent reputation. The images in progressive designs are simpler; thus, the fonts are also non-cursive.

The Biggest Flop Of Modern Design

BMW launched its new logo design that has an ultra-minimal style. Since the brand is known for its innovation and modernity, the redesign aimed to translate it into its new logo. Let’s divide the overhaul into two parts: the first removal of 3-d effects and shading, which was quite outdated. The second is the removal of the black outer ring. The aim was to look cool and minimalistic; however, it turns out to be sloppy and mediocre. Since there is no background, when transferring the logo on a medium, it blends with the surface, distorts the whole image of the logo.

Therefore, businesses need to test them on different mediums while creating progressive designs. This will ensure you have a practical and appealing design that communicates well with the audience.

The Greatest Example Of Minimalistic Design

Using bright colors could distract the viewer from the original content of the logo. An image that has too many colors also irritates the eyes. If you’ve seen the new logo of Microsoft, launched a few years back is quite simplistic yet eye-catching.

It has a limited, neutralized color pallet that doesn’t strain your eyes. In addition to color, the font is also quite straight-forward, making the brand name simple to read and comprehend. The background is also a plain-white block, making it easy to use on any medium.

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