Getting The Most Out Of Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

We all know marketing analytics is an important part of marketing online. Google Analytics provides a lot of options to make marketing decisions based on complete marketing analytics. GA is a freemium product, which offers limited options for free and more robust features for premium customers. Premium customers are businesses that pay Google to use the software.

There are many different marketing analytics products on the market, but GA is one of the most popular because it’s easy to use and provides a lot of data. GA is also a very comprehensive tool, which means it can provide data on all aspects of your marketing efforts.

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Tips For Google Analytics Users

Here are some tips that can be used to get the most out of your marketing analytics:

1) When you first log into your Google Analytics account, look for any warning signs . Is there anything amiss? If yes, call us right away (or find someone who knows how to fix it).

2) Take a close look at your Goals in Google Analytics under “Conversions” tab . Ensure that none of these goals have been wrongly set up or if they have, adjust them without delay.

3) If you do not know how to adjust your Goals in Google Analytics , email us or call. We help our clients optimize marketing analytics and marketing objectives for better ROI.

4) Review your marketing channels on a weekly basis . This is the perfect time to figure out new marketing channels that are working well for your business, then add their URLs on the “All Traffic” report.

5) A good tip would be to have at least one campaign with very little budget but high ROI so that when you review your marketing reports, it will stand out!

6) If traffic numbers are low, try adding some more marketing campaigns or decreasing bids on existing campaigns if required. Customizing marketing campaigns gets difficult as the number of campaigns increases so for best marketing analytics results keep a balance between the number of marketing campaigns and traffic numbers.

7) If someone on your marketing team is not very good with marketing analytics, do not let them play around with Google Analytics , it will mess up your data. You can also add more users to your Google Analytics account for better collaboration and sharing of marketing reports (but only if you know what you are doing).

8) Do not change settings in Google Analytics unless absolutely needed .

9) Look at quality of leads generated by different marketing channels twice a month under Conversions > Multi Channel Funnels report .

10) Make sure that all email marketing campaigns contain appropriate CTAs (call to action buttons/text links), and every time you write an email, look for CTAs that are missing.

11) Check marketing analytics reports at least once a week .

12) Never, ever use noindex in Google Analytics or on your website/blog to fight duplicate content issues , it will mess up your marketing analytics data.

13) Do not be afraid to test new marketing techniques even if they do not fall under conventional marketing rules . Well-implemented online marketing campaigns can yield amazing marketing analytics results!

14) The last tip for this article is to use marketing automation tools like Hubspot , Marketo , Pardot , Eloqua etc., but make sure you are getting best ROI from them – because many marketers are struggling with the ROI of these marketing automation tools. That’s all we have for marketing analytics , if you have marketing analytics questions we can help anytime.

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